Claude Hamilton Community Explosion, Orrin Woodward Leadership

Team Rock of Kaizen take a look at the great article Orrin posted about Claude and Lana.  “Claude Hamilton’s LIFE Community Explosion”  We had a fabulous time with Orrin and Laurie, Claude and Lana, and all of the team.  There is nothing like having a “bow-inar” on the front of Orrin’s yacht while you’re motoring along under clear blue skies on calm waters.  Ann and I are so excited about the direction of LIFE and the TEAM, one million is not far away.

Lead On.


4 Responses to “Claude Hamilton Community Explosion, Orrin Woodward Leadership”

  1. Rob Crichlow Says:

    Great article about a great couple. We really enjoyed the time with you in Florida ‘experiencing’ Orrin and Claude. Great times now … Great future to come.

  2. Tim Miller Says:

    Great article!The time on the yacht was amazing! Had a blast!

  3. jdier1 Says:

    Enough said !!!! It was truly an Awesome experience!!!

  4. mhess Says:

    Great job… keep up the good work!!!

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