Mental Fitness Challenge – Challenge Group

We had our first Challenge Group, Tuesday and it was incredible.  The Challenge Group discusses the information in the 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge by Orrin Woodward, Claude Hamilton and the whole LIFE Policy Council.  We had a 14 person group that dove into the topic of “findings ones purpose” in life.  The small group was exactly what was needed to have people open up and discuss a personal topic like purpose.  It provided an environment for everyone to raise their level of leadership whether they were an experienced leader or someone new just starting their self education journey.  I recommend everyone take the Challenge!


11 Responses to “Mental Fitness Challenge – Challenge Group”

  1. Eric H Stone Says:

    Great Post, The Mental Fitness Challenge is a home run. The only way someone could not grow is to not use it.

  2. MHess Says:

    Great stuff Terry… Way to go!!

  3. SJ Barakony Says:

    Excellent synopsis of the MFC & the related biweekly ‘Challenge Groups’, Terry. Thank you for the post – it is not only a summary of the initial CG (for Resolution 1), it is also a needed reminder for those taking the MFC themselves ( me included ). We also had a CG with 4 of us; we were able to get through 4 questions, and it was highly insightful to see how the discussion moved beyond literal (surface/wave) thinking, into more valuable metaphorical (depth/width/undercurrents) thinking within the small group format and focused on such a crucial topic as ‘Purpose’. Look forward to sharing the MFC with others! God Bless.

  4. Phil Wall Says:

    sounds like Ohio is a rockin!!! Way to Lead Terry Franks!

  5. Tim Miller Says:

    I totally agree the challenge group really encourage discussion. Great stuff.

  6. claudehamilton Says:

    Terry, You are a true leader and I am excited the challenge groups r working so well for u

  7. Rob Crichlow Says:

    Terry … we had a great time in our challenge group as well. Thanks for leading!

  8. Justin Hogan Says:

    Terry, thanks for your post and leadership. We had a great time at our challenge group. There is something special when you get to discuss your thoughts on purpose with others who want to encourage you to reach your purpose. It was also rewarding to hear what others had to share and knowing I can help them on their journey toward their purpose. Thank you to you and Ann for all you do for Rock of Kaizen. Proud to be part of your community.


  9. Chris Brady Says:

    Just finished watching a video, shared by Claude Hamilton on his blog, featuring a young lady discussing some serious economic issues. She finished with a quote by Margaret Mead…”A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” This quote immediately came to mind when I read your comment on the power of the Challenge Group meetings. Can’t wait to see how the world is changed!

  10. nathanfoxblog Says:

    I agree Terry, what a great time we had also at our challenge group with Steve Adams. The format is awesome!! Thanks for all your leadership, God Bless

  11. Jonathan Hall Says:

    Great post Terry! We are so excited about the challenge groups! Last night was the best so far. It is really exciting to listen to others as they begin to read, understand, and most important begin to create daily habits that will truly make a difference in their own lives, and the lives of others around them. Thanks to you and the leadership of LIFE, we ARE making a difference!

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