LIFE Business Compensation Plan

The more I study it the more I am amazed and proud of what Claude Hamilton, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and the rest of the Policy Council have put together with the LIFE Compensation Plan.  Set aside the personal growth and the complete life changing information in the other 7 F’s Faith, Freedom, Family, Fitness, Fun, Following, Friends.  Let talk the Finance F that everyone wants to know up front with a business.  I would put this plan up against anything I have seen in my 30 years in this industry.  I challenge anyone to find a business that first has a 1pv to 1bv, at worst 1pv to 1.4bv ratio, which is 1 dollar spent to 1 dollar volume of credit.  Second, a scale that starts at 5% and climbs to 50%!  Let’s sweeten the pot a little more.  How about we add more in bonuses for going out and helping your people get to the top of that chart, for total payout of right at 70%.  But wait….there’s more.  When your new person gets started lets also give them a chance to earn some, world class, expense paid trips.  Orrin Woodward is a Whistleblower when it comes to calling out the companies that want to line the pocket of the company not the sales force that builds the business.  As Orrin and Chris have said, “The LIFE Company was not designed to make a lot of money but to PAY OUT a lot of money”.  Below is the Bonus Chart, Depth Bonus, and Trip Incentives, have a look, absorb, and let your brain wrap around those numbers.

God Bless and Lead On

Bonus Chart
PV                   Bonus %
15,000             50%
10,000             45%
6,000               40%
4,000               35%
2,500               30%
1,500               25%
1,000               20%
600                  15%
300                  10%
150                  5%
Leader Depth Bonus Percentages
• Senior Coordinator – 4%
• Life Coach – 2%
• Executive Life Coach – 1%
• Double Life Coach – .75%
• Triple Life Coach – .50%
• Crown Life Coach – .25%
• Crown Ambassador Life Coach – .15%

1st Trip Options

  1. Disney World, Orlando, Florida – 4-day/3-night stay at Disney’s Beach Club Deluxe Resort. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a New England-style Disney Deluxe Resort, shaded by broad oak trees and lapped by the gentle waters of the 25-acre Crescent Lake. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, Disney Park Hopper Passes, Disney dining meal plan, transportation to and from the airport, and transportation to all Disney properties and theme parks.
  2. Arenal, Costa Rica – 6-day/5-night stay at the Arenal Springs Resort & Spa hotel. Perched one thousand feet above the Arenal Valley, the Arenal Springs allows for incomparable views of the Arenal volcano, the lush valley, and the surrounding towns that sparkle at night. This trip includes an airfare credit, daily breakfast, canopy tour, volcano hike, and safari boat floating.
  3. Oasis of the Seas, Bahamas Cruise – 8-day/7-night balcony cabin cruise. Experience the ship that revolutionized cruising; its revolutionary and breath-taking design includes seven distinct neighborhoods tailored to create the ultimate experience of enjoyment for all passengers.

2nd Trip Options

  1. Disney World, Orlando, Florida – 6-day/5-night stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Deluxe Hotel. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is a Victorian-style Disney Deluxe Resort distinguished as the flagship hotel of the Walt Disney World Resorts and offering world-class dining, entertainment, and luxurious accommodations in its six striking red-gabled buildings. This magnificent hotel sits along the white-sand shores of Seven Seas Lagoon. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, Disney Park Hopper Passes, Disney dining meal plan, transportation to and from the airport, and transportation to all Disney properties and theme parks.
  2. Maui, Hawaii – 5-day/4-night stay at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, which is located between two beautiful beaches with pristine white sands and endless blue water. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, transportation from the airport to the hotel, Lei greeting, and a helicopter tour ride.
  3. Ocho Rios, Jamaica – 5-day/4-night stay at the Beaches Boscobel, which takes advantage of its stunning seaside locale to infuse all of its accommodations with the flavor of Jamaica. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit and access to Pirates Island Water Park. Parent magazine voted Beaches Boscobel among the Top 10 Best Beach Resorts.
  4. Celebrity Cruise – 10-day/9-night trip package, including a 7-night cruise from Seattle on the Seattle Celebrity Solstice, 3 nights at a 4-star hotel, and a Mount Rainer sightseeing trip.
  5. Princess Cruise – 10-day/9-night Alaskan cruise on the Coral Princess. This trip includes a 7-day voyage of the glaciers cruise, 1 night at Mount McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, 1 night at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, a natural history tour, and a 1-night Fairbanks with Sternwheeler Riverboat Cruise. This cruise is perfect for witnessing all that Alaska has to offer.

16 Responses to “LIFE Business Compensation Plan”

  1. mikerocheleauleadership Says:

    Great article Terry, thanks for sharing! keep up the great work. Those trips sure sound amazing!

  2. Eric H Stone Says:

    Great Post, you hit it right on the head. Thanks for sharing.

  3. nathanfoxblog Says:


  4. Jonathan Hall Says:

    Wow! Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. We are so proud to have the opportunity to be able to work and learn from you! Thanks for always leading from the front!!

  5. SJ Barakony Says:

    The light shines brightly on those who have character. And, may I add that this plan was clearly put together with great care, empathy, wisdom, vision, & purpose. There is nothing not to like about free enterprise — since it is so uncommon in the world today, and so often confused with crony capitalism, statism, and consumerism, it is not altogether surprising that some do not understand this plan, the company behind it, nor the founders whose legacies have been staked on doing the right thing, period. Roddick’s Law applies here, as it should apply in many more places in the West. Thank you so very much for taking time to post this information, Terry. It is a privilege to be in the Kaizen tribe 🙂

  6. Catherine Says:

    These are exciting times, Terry. I’m so impressed with the LIFE business compensation plan the founders put together. How awesome is it that we can be rewarded exponentially just for learning and growing? Have fun, make money, make a difference. Compensated communities for the win! Lol. Thanks for the post, and press on!

  7. Tim Miller Says:

    Great comments! With Life we will live the life we always wanted to live. Thanks for your leadership!

  8. Says:

    Terry, it is a true privilege to be associated to you and TEAM Kaizen.These are exciting times. Thanks also for the Whistleblower link. Incredible story.

  9. Mark Berry Says:

    Awesome post Terry, We are excited to be a part of Life and Team because of fantastic leadership from people like you, Claude, Chris and Orrin. Thanks for all you do!

  10. Mike Bouknight Says:

    Terry, it is an honor and privilege to be associated with you and TEAM Kaizen. Thank you for your inspiration. And thank you for the link to Whistleblower. What an article!

  11. Raylene MacNamara Says:

    Thanks for the great article Terry, what I love the most is that Life wasn’t created to make the most money but to pay the most money. And you have people working together as a team to help people achieve the life they’ve always wanted…it just doesn’t get any better then that. Love you both, keep chraging ahead!!!

  12. Justin Hogan Says:

    Another awesome post Terry. I am proud to be part of TEAM and the LIFE Business. I am also proud to be part of your community and to follow Orrin, Chris, Claude and the rest of the Policy Council.

  13. Wayne MacNamara Says:

    Great blog Terry, this compensation plan is truly amazing and I cant believe how much it benefits the newest person, the trips involved, and the one time cash awards….its exciting…

  14. MHess Says:

    Thanks for more great info Terry.

  15. Rob Crichlow Says:

    I have been in the industry for a long time and have never seen a more profitable plan for the the community than the LIFE compensation plan. Nobody does what we do … improve peoples lives and give them an opportunity to be free. Thanks Terry for all you do.

  16. Jamie Cree Says:

    AWESOME Post Terry! Thank you for the information & leading the charge.

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