Character and the Mental Fitness Challenge

Here is a testimony of how the Mental Fitness Challenge has made a difference in this young man’s life.  I am so proud of Brad doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason!

I just wanted to let you know the other day I had a great opportunity to demonstrate character,  I was collecting the money for a bill with this new kid who’s 18 and the lady gave me $40 more, I told her she over paid and gave her the extra money, then as we were walking out to the van the new kid told me we could have had free lunch money! I told him my character is worth way more then $40.  I told him if you’re willing to steal a little it gets easier to take a lot.  I feel like the mental fitness challenge is helping me because in my past I would have probably taken the money thinking it was their fault for not counting right. Hopefully I made a difference in his life!  Brad.

God Bless and Lead On,


9 Responses to “Character and the Mental Fitness Challenge”

  1. Eric H Stone Says:

    Thanks for sharing Terry and Brad. Not only did Brad do the right thing but used it as an opportunity to display character and make it a teachable moment for someone else.

  2. jdier1 Says:

    Mr terry that’s a great testament !!! I know you made a positive difference in that young man’s life as well as everyone of us that have been around you and Mrs Ann!!!!


  3. ingterry Says:

    Great Post Terry! I like the fact the he was able to display Character even on the little things and that will him dividends later on!

  4. SJ Barakony Says:

    The ‘Slight Edge’ on display! A fine lesson for anyone to model, since its one’s personal example that counts the most in leadership. Your actions speak so loudly, I can hardly hear you. Thank you for sharing in the blogosphere, Terry, and many kudos to Brad for living intentionally for excellence 🙂

  5. claudehamilton Says:

    Great post Terry, im proud of him, and proud he is on the TEAM

  6. Tim Miller Says:

    Great testimony to our product! Life and Team really do change lives.

  7. Rob Crichlow Says:

    This is a great example of what the leaders in LIFE represent. I am very proud to be associating with these kind of people … and have my family be part of it. Thanks for being a great leader Terry!

  8. Mike Bouknight Says:

    This is a great testimony to the power of the LIFE products! Thank you for sharing this testimony Terry.

  9. MHess Says:

    Good for him. Nice to see people with character influencing the younger generations.

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