Terry attended the U.S. Naval Academy and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University. Early in his career Terry worked as a development engineer at a Fortune 500 company for a few years, but his entrepreneurial spirit kept challenging him to do something more.  In his mid 20’s, Terry channeled that spirit into successfully building a community and leadership development business where he effectively equips others on their pursuit of growing towards their maximum potential.  Since then he has been able to follow his life’s true calling to help and serve others for the past 28 years.
Terry and his wife Ann reside in Ohio and enjoy the blessing of being “Papa T” and “Mimi” to their five grandchildren. Being a father and grandfather, Terry has a strong desire to leave a commendatory legacy to his family.
Today, Terry continues to expand his community building business by studying leadership principles, applying those principles to achieve results in his life, and reflecting on his experiences to provide insight for the benefit of others.
The writings you find here are the sumtotal of leadership principles and evaluated experiences he continues to learn and share for the benefit of others. Terry hopes his ideas shared on this blog enhance your perspective as you pursue your leadership development.  Thanks for stopping by on your growth journey! Lead on.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. M Hess Says:

    Great work Terry… Keep it up buddy!!!

  2. Matt, Trudy, & Family Says:

    Thank you, for all you, and Ann do for us.

  3. Patrick Clowater Says:

    Terry as I have told you in the past, you are the reason I pursued becoming a christian 12 years ago. You came to a convention in Fredericton New Brunswick to speak to us about business. However it was your testimony on Sunday morning that stirred my soul and made me start my journey to learn more about my saviour, Jesus Christ. I cannot thank you enough! God bless you and Ann!

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